Monday, March 5, 2012

I was so happy to see a photo of my chic grandmother, Emily, on my sister's blog.  I'm stealing it to show you, but the original is here.

I love her elegance, her gracefulness without trying.  She's not trying to woo you in this photo, she knows she's pretty and totally at peace with whatever comes her way.  She's still beautiful and graceful, but something about seeing photos of her when she was younger just makes me feel a little unkempt (I doubt she was wearing leggings and sweatshirts after her kids were born, as I am right now) and inspired.  I love that she's wearing lipstick, which she still does!  [Side note: my other grandfather supposedly fell in love with my nana because she was the only one at the end of the party who still had her lipstick on, i.e. wasn't drinking too much or making out!  I love that!]

I have a few other photos of her, and of my husband's grandparents, I hope to share them with you over time.