Friday, January 20, 2012

Vintage Fashion for Breastfeeding - A Tough Find

I have some really lovely vintage dresses in my closet, and a few more in my shop.  But when I needed a dress for an event recently, nothing in my closet met my needs.  Even though I'm back to my pre-pregnancy size, all of my vintage dresses are high-necked, which means bad for breastfeeding.  So I looked online.  I needed one with buttons or a wrap that was suitable for breastfeeding, but was flexible on just about everything else.  I couldn't find anything anywhere!  I looked all over Etsy and couldn't believe there wasn't one dress for me.  Now, I'm a bit of an unusual(ly, shall we say, "gifted") size on top, so maybe I was expecting too much.  But I was a bit disappointed - I figured I could find a fun wrap dress (and now I'm bumming that I gave away my stretchy blue disco wrap dress to my friend Ellyn a while back!)  I also looked for handmade wrap dresses, but didn't find any in the under $40 category (which pretty much any dress needs to be right now, since it likely won't fit properly once I'm done breastfeeding.) 

I ended up wearing a button down dress from Old Navy that I really like.  It's not available any more but they seem to keep their wrap and button down dresses well stocked!  I've included a couple of those below, along with a couple from Etsy that popped up.  Even though I don't shop at ModCloth or JCrew, I checked them for this blog post, and didn't find anything newsworthy.

lovely vintage sunshine alley aqua dress size 12
Vintage Aqua Dress, from Etsy seller JupiterDesigns, Size 12, $11!

Dancing Violet Disco Dress
Magenta Disco Dress, from Etsy seller RouletteVintage, $26

Old Navy Charmeuse Dress (w/ hidden buttons)

Good luck searching!  If you know of any inexpensive dresses for maternity, nursing or just 'gifted' women, leave a comment!