Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fashion Show

Super delayed (as promised!), here's my recap of the fashion show for DC Hearts the Arts.  I was invited by Sisarina, who heard of me through Chelsey Christensen who I met at my pop up shop in August and who recently modeled a REtroCYCLEd dress in a lovely photoshoot.  [Which is actually by Noe Todorovich, who also modeled for the fashion show!]

The announcer went out of order which was a bummer because I spent a long time creating a 'flow' for the lineup!  Also a bummer, my super tall model didn't show up, so the awesome pink and black mod Carlye dress didn't make the show.  But, since my awesome video won't load (yuck!) I can put the looks in order here.  Small victories?  :)

 [White blouse (sold) with black Gianni Sport pencil skirt]

 [Soft pink blouse (actually a boudoir jacket!) and cream skirt

Sadly, one of the looks wasn't caught on camera - I wish you could see the spunky little model who rocked the pink Patra cocktail dress.  I had so much fun picking looks and styling the models.  It's been a little dream of mine for some time to get into styling*, and I think this event may be the beginning...

*Whenever I go to clothing swaps I always end up picking out clothes for other people - often people I don't know - rather than finding stuff for myself.  So rewarding to see something limp come to life on someone's shape and personality!

Thanks to Perone Photography for the lovely photos!

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