Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A holiday UN-SALE: Get to Give

I was thinking about the holidays and how I'm always tempted to have sales and reduce prices to increase purchases in my shops (I know this is blunt, but why else would one hold a sale?)  I still may do a sale this month, but I have decided to have an UN-SALE:

Any purchase in either my vintage or jewelry shop that uses the code GIVING will have 20% of the list price of the item go directly to charity.  As an odd little bonus, you'll get 1% OFF your purchase (because you can't create a 0% OFF coupon code!)  This UN-SALE goes until Dec. 15, but if it is popular I might extend it (check back here, I will revise this post if I extend it.)

These donations will be on top of the 10% of net proceeds I give to charity, which usually ends up being actually about 10% of gross sales by the time I'm done giving.  I usually donate to cancer, humanitarian, animal rights or similar causes, but I'm open to suggestions (feel free to provide suggestions in the comments or in your purchase note!) 

Last but not least, if you're purchasing a present for someone, I am always happy to gift wrap for free, so just shoot me a note or email with instructions.  I use gently upcycled materials (like pretty pictures, newspaper and reclaimed bows) to wrap these presents, making them one of a kind and quirky.

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